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July 10th 2019 on Sky Universal catch Tyler in this brand new exciting 6 part drama entitled Departure. Tyler plays the part of Co Pilot Arthur Delaney, alongside an award winning cast including Archie Panjabi & Christopher Plummer. Watch the trailer below.

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End of March sees Tyler alongside an amazing cast complete their run of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at THE GLOBE, to which over 25,000 people got to see. Click here for more photos taken by the talented photographer Cesare De Giglio.

Tyler will be playing the part of Don Pedro at 'THE GLOBE' from 24th Feb - 20th March  2018. Click here for more info and to buy your tickets. It's Tyler's second time working at the Globe since playing the role of Lorenzo / Morocco in the Merchant Of Venice back in 2014. He is delighted to be back and to be playing such a great role. Here's some shots from rehearsals.  


November 2017 saw the release of new American feature film 'SKYBOUND' which has been released on DVD & Video On Demand in the USA & Japan. Have a look at the trailer below and also click on the picture of the poster to purchase the DVD off Amazon. Tyler plays one of the lead characters 'Odin'. Keep a look out for the UK release.

Tyler just finished playing one of the lead characters (Kirillov) in the play 'Demons' which was a play written from the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Directed by Peter Sturm of Splitmoon Theatre Company.

Tyler played the infamous Sean O'Neil in Irvine Welsh's new musical 'Creatives' which was on in Edinburgh at the Pleasance. The play was written by Irvine Welsh & Don De Grazia, directed by Tom Mullen (Artistic director of Chicago Theatre Workshop), music written and composed by Laurence mark Wythe.

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